Which advantages are there for using the ZF KNX light switch module?

The energy harvesting pushbutton module from ZF directly supports the KNX RF radio protocol. Communication can be made with KNX radio receivers or the KNX media coupler via the KNX RF protocol. There is no ‘Gateway’ necessary, to translate another radio protocol into a wired KNX Bus. Also, the ZF pushbutton module with the KNX media coupler can be configured with the ETS 5 Software. Parameters can be loaded via radio into the devices.

Which housing, panels or rockers can be used for the KNX light switch module?

The ZF pushbutton module is compatible with all 55×55 design parts suitable for use with existing energy harvesting pushbuttons. If there are questions regarding the selection and procurement, please contact ZF.

How could the KNX pushbutton module be configured via ETS?

You can configure the ZF KNX light switch module via ETS 5. The product can be selected via the ETS catalogue. In addition, ZF offers a catalogue file for download. There is the option to assign functions for light on/off, dim or shutter up/down. Parameters can be loaded via radio into the devices.
During the charging process – which takes a few seconds – the required energy is supplied by the specified battery adapter.

How many KNX devices can be connected?

Due to the KNX topology, one line can comb