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For many years, ZF snap switches have been synonymous with quality and reliability. Whether in household appliances, industrial applications, vehicles or input systems, electronic components ensure reliable operation as well as safety and comfort. Our Quality Assurance System is ISO 9001 and TS 16949- certified and our Environmental Management is ISO 14001-certified.

What makes the difference between a good and an excellent technical solution?
Reliability, the power of innovation, these are the foundations of success. But how can success be achieved? Is there a formula which can be transferred to all industries? We think there is.

The quality of a total solution is determined by the quality of its components. A fault in a component which only costs a few cents can paralyse everything. Perfection down to the smallest detail is therefore the basis of our philosophy as a supplier of mechatronic components. Another is attuning the individual elements optimally to one another. Therefore, we see ourselves as our customers‘ active partner when it comes to developing new products.

Our record proves we are right. For many years, ZF snap switches have been synonymous with the highest quality and reliability. This principle has also made us one of the leading suppliers of electronic components. Regardless of whether you use our products in household appliances, industrial applications, in the automobile industry or for input systems – you can rely on safety and comfort in addition to reliable performance. It’s not the size which determines the power, but rather each individual component.

In our experience you need a little advice to get the best out of your switches. This is why we always start by asking users for detailed information on the intended scope of application, its basic conditions and all associated specifications and data. We regard this as an absolutely indispensable first step.