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ZF wins business for Electronic Toll Collection in China

Auerbach. In 2019, it was announced in China that by the end of the year 90% of vehicles on Chinese expressways should be enabled to use their new electronic toll collection (ETC) system. The DG sub-subminiature switch from ZF Friedrichshafen AG, succeeded in winning business exceeding 10 million pieces from one of the leading ETC companies in China.

The Ministry of Transportation of China planned a complete removal of manual expressway toll booths, replacing them with ETC systems at provincial borders to reduce the issues of expressway traffic congestion, to enhance traffic efficiency and to reduce logistical costs.

To implement the electronic toll collection process, the toll station was equipped with electronic readers, each vehicle needed a transponder fitted, and the driver needed to apply for a dedicated bank card to actuate the cost deduction from the individual’s account. When vehicles pass through a toll booth on the expressway, they no longer need to stop because the ETC system re