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  • Energy HarvestingSwitch Solutions
    Our innovative wireless and battery-less Energy Harvesting technology provides effective solutions in a variety of markets including industrial & building automation, smart home and medical. The switches are compatible with multiple industry standard protocols, providing an excellent environmentally friendly and maintenance free alternative to wired or battery-powered solutions. Find out more
  • HallSensors
    ZF Hall sensors deliver unmatched performance and reliability across multiple markets including heavy truck, off-road, recreational vehicle, appliance, automotive and medical. Economical sensors suitable for the most rigorous environments, including extremes of temperature, humidity, thermal shock and vibration. Find out more
  • Electromechanical Switches
    ZF switches are synonymous with quality, precision and reliability, and can be found in a broad range of applications and markets such as white goods and appliances, automotive, gaming, vending, drives, switchgear, control engineering and power tools. The range includes snap action, rocker and pushbutton switches. Find out more
  • KNX Technology
    Endless flexibility and personalisation for smart home & building automationFind out more
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0
    Low-cost, low-energy solutions for smart home systemsFind out more
  • E-Bike Sensor
    Hall based non-contact and solid-state sensor for speed detection. High resolution in combination with speed and brake disc especially for slow speeds (e.g. hill starts of E-bikes)Find out more
About ZF

ZF is a strong brand in the industrial technology and automotive industries now featuring a full and comprehensive line of switches, sensors and self-powered wireless switches for industry and building automation markets.


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