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Evaluation Kit Named in 2015 Hot 100 Products

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Evaluation Kit Named in 2015 Hot 100 Products

Auerbach, 17th December 2015 – CHERRY Industrial Solutions today announced that EDN has named its Energy Harvesting Evaluation Kit 2.0 as one of the “100 Hot Products of 2015.” The 2015 EDN Hot 100 highlights the electronics industry’s most significant products of the year based on innovation, significance, usefulness and popularity.

Cherry’s Evaluation Kit 2.0 demonstrates Energy Harvesting switch technology. The kit, containing an energy harvesting generator, rocker switch and a snap-action switch, provides users with the opportunity to carry out initial application tests. In addition, a compatible receiver with antenna is also included. A detailed manual, drivers and software for the receiver are available for download from CHERRY’s website.

The Evaluation Kit 2.0 allows users to measure the switching performance, range and signal strength, as well as the environmental influences of the radio transmission in various applications such as building and industrial automation. The addition of a (non-functional) energy harvesting generator means that mechanical design considerations, including mounting position etc., can also be simulated.

The energy harvesting wireless technology from CHERRY works on an inductive basis. The inductive generator transforms energy created by mechanical actuation into an electrical energy pulse. By actuating the generator the magnetic flux is suddenly reversed in a coil system, creating the required electrical energy. This energy pulse contains the basic electrical energy, which is then transformed and spread over time into a constant supply voltage by the energy management components. It provides the radio electronics with the required energy to transmit the radio signal. The small size, high efficiency and long life expectancy (up to 1,000,000 cycles) makes the product, in either form factor, ideal for installation in tight spaces without having to worry about maintenance.

Anton Hartmann, Sales Manager Industrial Solutions: “We are delighted about this nomination. It shows we are on the right path to bring innovative technology to the market. Energy Harvesting is a great new megatrend and with this evaluation kit we enable our customers to simply utilize the benefits it can bring to them”

“Of the many thousands of products announced during the past year, the EDN Hot 100 are the products that especially caught the attention of our editors and readers. We are pleased to share this annual tradition of showcasing these standout technologies as we celebrate another stellar year of electronics innovation,” said Suzanne Deffree, Executive Editor, EDN.

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