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2-way Energy Harvesting wireless pushbutton for wireless communication with KNX systems. Ideal for extensions of existing wire-based KNX systems, or for the development of pure KNX-RF systems, and is compatible with all KNX-RF receivers, i.e. switch actuators and line couplers.

The pushbutton is designed for all switch types with a standard inner frame of 55 x 55 mm. Fulfills KNX-RF 2.0 Ready S-mode protocol standards and is configurable with ETS 5. Bidirectional communication during configuration with corresponding pairing adapter.

The pushbutton module has four contact points which are covered by a bezel with one or two rockers. This enables a customized programming according to rooms and desired usage. This means that the KNX RF module can be used as a 2-, 4- or 6-fold pushbutton module. Usually, the module is used as a 4-fold pushbutton module with the functions light on/off and shutter up/down.

Configuration Options in the ETS are:

– Dimming
– Shutter
– Single Channels (Toggle on press / Switch on press).

Only when actuated, a RF signal will be transmitted. For dimming or shutter control, a second actuation must follow to stop the process.

Alternative 1 and 2-way pushbuttons are in development. These pushbuttons are compatible with various industry standard protocols and can also be pre-programmed to work with custom / proprietary protocols. Please contact us for further information.

Technical Specifications
  • Frequency bands: 868.3
  • Temperature range: -20 to +45 °C (-40 to +113 °F)
  • Operating distance: up to 30 m (in buildings)
  • Operating force: > 10 N
  • Protocol transmission time: approx.. 19 ms
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AFZE-1008 KNX RF Media Coupler - Click Here
AFIM-1010 2-way pushbutton with KNX-RF protocol View Click Here
AFZM-0001 KNX Pairing Adapter View Click Here
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AFZE-1008 KNX Products & Accessories - Quick Start Guide MEDIA COUPLER - KNX Productdatabase MEDIA COUPLER Declaration Conformity Certificate AFZE-1008
AFIM-1010 KNX Products & Accessories View Quick Start Guide PUSHBUTTON Release Note AFIM-1010 KNX Productdatabase ETS5 Pushbutton V1.1 -
AFZM-0001 KNX Products & Accessories View Quick Start Guide PAIRING ADAPTER - - -

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