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Energy Harvesting Engine Now Paired with Bluetooth Low Energy

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Energy Harvesting Engine Now Paired with Bluetooth Low Energy

ZF Switches and Sensors market leading energy harvesting engine can now be combined with the RSL10 SIP- an ultra-low-power Bluetooth 5 certified System in Package from ON Semiconductor. This enables the switch to be used with the rapidly growing number of applications for Bluetooth Low Energy communications.

The SIP solution features such ultra-low- power characteristics that a low loss Schottky Diode bridge rectifier and electrolytic capacitor is enough to provide power from the switch to the Bluetooth 5 device.

The ZF Energy Harvesting Generator incorporated with the RSL10 SIP will allow designers to develop bespoke wireless control solutions for a wide range of low-cost, low-energy applications including control solutions in buildings, home systems automation, lighting, shutter control, healthcare, alarm systems, fall detection, vehicle counting and many more.

With no battery required, the ZF energy harvesting switch offers users an almost infinite product lifetime, no pollution, no recycling, no maintenance costs and a great deal of flexibility with locating the device. The Bluetooth 5 module offers ultra-low power consumption, high data throughput, long range and improved coexistence with other transmissions systems.

The core element of the ZF Energy Harvesting technology, the generator, is available in mono-stable (momentary) or bi-stable (latching) forms. Based on the inductive principle, the power required to send a wireless signal is generated by the actuation of the patented mechanism, which converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy to power the on-board transmitter.

The range of energy harvesting products available from ZF include just the raw generator for OEM designs, a rocker switch, snap switch, one or two way pushbuttons all complete with RF transmitter, packaged and PCB mounted “stamp” receivers and KNX versions for industrial systems integration. Evaluation kits are available for system developers.

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