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Schuco Smart Window

Energy Harvesting Switches from ZF Detect Status of Windows

Is the window open or closed? For smart homes especially, this is an important question which is easy to answer thanks to the energy harvesting switches from ZF.

With an integrated energy harvesting switch, the window handle can inform of each opening or closing of the window. The mechanical actuation of the RF Switch is created by the change of the window handle status, a small voltage is generated which transmits an RF protocol. This information is used to monitor the status of the window.

The completely batteryfree and wireless technology is flexible in use and can be realized with different RF protocols such as Bluetooth®, EnOcean® or customer-specific RF protocols. The system can also be used for diverse applications within building automation like lighting, shutters, doors and windows. With the help of the ZF products, comfort, safety and energy efficiency can be increased and improved in a smart way. Energy harvesting switches are a smart, energy-saving solution for the smart home. They work without batteries and are completely mainte