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ZF gain NCKL2/8 approval for D4 microswitches

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ZF gain NCKL2/8 approval for D4 microswitches

Auerbach. In the last few years new refrigerants have been developed which are more environmentally friendly. Despite this huge advancement, there is the possibility that they can become flammable in certain conditions. These new refrigerants are increasingly integrated within domestic white goods including refrigerators, ice machines, heat pumps and air conditioning units. Therefore, components such as the ZF D4 switches already used in those products have now to be ignition protected.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG was approached by some of its global customers to gain this new UL certificate for NCKL2/8 approval to bring their products in line with new standards for ignition-protected components.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG are pleased to confirm approval has been received for the UL certificate for NCKL2/8 applying to the D4 range of versatile miniature snap switches.

Please contact us via for more information on the new certificate.

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