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ZF’s KNX-RF Switch Module Allows for Flexibility

Auerbach. The KNX standard is a manufacturer independent bus system for building automation applications. KNX-RF communicates in the 868 MHz frequency band and can be connected to an existing bus system or operate individually. As a member of the KNX Association, the range of their existing member’s products is now complimented with ZF’s KNX-RF switch module.

Energy harvesting switch modules are a smart, resource-saving solution for smart homes. They work without batteries, require no wiring and are completely maintenance-free. The energy is generated purely by the mechanical actuation based on an inductive principle.

Besides the classic application as a light control switch, ZF presents at the KNX-RF switch module as a control element for window shutters. By mechanical actuation of the switch enough energy is generated to send the KNX-RF directly to a receiver. The module can be used as a light switch with or without dimming or as a shutter control.