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ZF sensors deliver unmatched performance and reliability to a broad range of OEM products. We specialize in economical sensors that are suitable for the most rigorous environments, including extremes of temperature, humidity, thermal shock and vibration. Choose a standard product, or partner with our design engineers as they help you to develop a custom solution. Customers in the heavy truck, off highway, recreational vehicle, appliance, automotive and medical markets all rely on ZF sensors for practical designs and durable products.

When you need a custom sensor, ZF provides the design expertise and development tools needed to bring your product to market quickly. We focus on innovation within our core competencies of magnetics, packaging, electronic design, and sealing technologies to assure our customers reliable sensing solutions. Consider a few of the capabilities ZF can deliver to your next custom sensor project:

  • Using a solid model design concept developed by the customer, ZF design engineers apply 3D magnetic modeling to ensure appropriate airgaps and magnetic fields are designed in at the start of the project.
  • When harsh environments are involved, ZF recommends appropriate packaging and sealing technology. Our packaging innovations have resulted in sensors that perform under extreme conditions: temperatures up to 150°C, immersion in solvents to IP68, and exposure to salt spray, dust, gravel and repeated thermal shock.

  • With ZF’s in-house stereolythography and prototype line, we can quickly provide a highly engineered design.
  • We match the latest solid state magnetic sensor technologies to proprietary circuits capable of providing EMI, ESD, EMC and Conducted Immunity resistance tough enough to exceed automotive standards.
  • To simulate the wide range of environments that our products experience in the field, ZF’s testing facilities provide concept evaluation, design and product validation, and continuous conformance testing to international standards.
  • In-house high-density circuit board assembly assures the quality of our electronics.
  • TS-16949 certified factories on multiple continents provide you with advantages in speed, cost and flexibility.