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Non-contact, intrinsically linear contact angle position sensors with two independent outputs. The sensors operate through the use of Hall Effect technology with magnetic fields generated by permanent magnets. They provide a linear change in voltage output (ratiometric to the input voltage) corresponding to an angular rotation of the input shaft

  • Angular position sensor with high tolerance for misalignment
  • Non-contact angular position sensing and full 360⁰ rotation
  • Dual independent (redundant) outputs assure high reliability
  • Custom programming available for: angle range, slope, PWM contact factory
  • No mechanical interface means no parts to wear out or jam
  • Comes with 18 AWG 305 mm (12”) wire leads
  • RoHS Compliant
  • IP68*
  • Maximum air gap of 5.5 mm (0.22”)**
Typical Applications
  • Implement (fork lift, agricultural trailer hitch, etc.) position sensing
  • Steer, throttle by wire
  • Gear selection
  • Zero-contact encoder alternative
  • Replacement for smart bearings
  • Outboard trim sensing

*submerged in 22±3 °C water for 1 hour at 2 m depth

**with AS500106 magnet carrier